Our foundation believes strongly in the power of collaboration. We work with those already in the business of supporting children’s learning. We partner with them, where we can, in achieving quality academic and social learning. We trust the goal of long-term quality sustainability can be achieved more easily with a joint effort.


Collaborative Partners

We call on educational partners to join us and have their educators benefit from opportunities within our network, which includes, knowledge sharing, participation in educational programs, training and alumni networking events.

Our knowledge base, growing network and access to resources and cutting-edge research can give your organization a real competitive advantage.

        You will discover that our focus is practical, rooted in reality, with an entrepreneurial advantage. Our programs can help you affect change, improve efficiency and effectiveness and drive enhanced results.

Contact us at to become a Partner to participate in our educational programs with other organizations, (there is no charge involved).


Working with Schools

We support and help nurture ‘Discovery Learning’ in schools. We define Discovery Learning as those committed to helping children reach and discover their full potential. B.A.F facilitates a network and promotes shared knowledge through programs.

Advancing education in discovery schools is not only subjected to what you can learn from the book. Discovery schools promote social learning and redirect the child’s perceived worth to socioeconomic learning to have a real and accomplished training as tomorrow’s leader.



We are proud to report our Partnership with Royal Saint James School (Aka ROSA J) in Ilorin, Nigeria.

ROSA J provides  an excellent pre-school learning opportunity for early childhood education for children in Ilorin, the North of Nigeria.

B.A.F works with ROSA to provide access to pre-school quality learning through grants/discounted fees to those who otherwise could not afford access to quality pre school education. To gain admission to the Royal Saint James, please contact Lola Toye at; Telephone: 0 81 794 26455.

Working with Orphanages

We support non-profit organizations working to promote educational well-being of children, and work alongside to support the children’s access to additional educational opportunities to follow their chosen career path or aspirations.

“Stand up for the poor and the orphan; advocate for the rights of the afflicted and those in need.”
(Psalm 82:3, VOICE)



We are happy to share the story of Havilah and Compassionate orphanages in Lagos Nigeria, and the opportunity to continue working with them.

B.A.F saw Havilah as an orphanage shaped by the compassion, determination and selflessness of an owner that opened her premises to these precious children. To remain in existence meant providing accommodation that complied with the state governments regulations. B.A.F helped raise funding to ensure Havilah secured adequate accommodation to continue their work.

Havilah also helps the children in the community to have access to a learning curriculum and after-school education. Our work with Havilah is ongoing.


We had the opportunity of meeting with teenage kids at Compassionate orphanage. We are humbled for with opportunity to work with older kids in  realization of their aspirations, and career choices, in for example, e.g. media and photography, hairdressing, and theatre arts.

Working with Other Foundations

Promoting like with like. Building on synergy is key for sharing of wealth and knowledge. Most of our programs run better with others who know which children can benefit the most.


Partnerships will widen our coverage and help us identify more ways to push our work even further where it is needed.

Working with Families

We work alongside families as friends of B.A.F, and welcome them into our “children’s village”, to provide guardianship for summer schools and temporary accommodation in a different environment. This supports the saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Their friendship in lending a hand to children away from home gives children wide exposure to a different family life. This “rearing” experience promotes independence and develops confidence in interacting with other children from unique and differing backgrounds.

We also want to work with more families who can act as family support for African children when our youth are away from home, especially on those crucial days, like New Year’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
BAF also provides low income families, whose children can benefit, with a donation of clothing, books, or electronic equipment from time to time. We want to make educational expenses more affordable for those, who cannot otherwise afford them.

Working with Governments

West African countries (like Nigeria or Ghana) have the funding, but do not apply sufficient monetary resources for training of teachers. Therefore, there is a shortfall in key developmental educational programs. Achieving quality in education for the majority will also have a sustainable influence on resources for other infrastructure concerns like, healthcare, roads, etc. If more people have access to quality education, then there will be an increase in skilled resources to provide the basics for infrastructural development. This will be a step toward a more egalitarian society.

The federal government is the key facilitator and decision-maker on infrastructure. B.A.F believes that there should be no limit to the opportunities available for the brightest kids (educationally). Parents and members of the public can only play a supporting role to advocate for the involvement of federal government as a route to turn our dream into a reality. However, one person at a time can make a difference. After all, poor education is an economic drain in our nation, and it can have an impact on every single one of us.

Working With Entrepreneurs

BAF works to enhance entrepreneurship for the good of the public by seeking out and showcasing their efforts, skills and trade.

Working with Communities

A community surrounds the child and is the best point of entry to learning and serving the needs of children in that community. With the community behind us, we can plug into a wealth of knowledge and promote a culture for continuous advancement of quality. Our goal is to support the community and help build strong foundations in community history and culture and keep aspirations alive for t children to remain connected and committed to building their community.

Partnering to build better communities

B.A.F will recognize up to 20 partners to build a continuously improving community through quality social learning and academics. Our social learning will provide exposure to other communities and learning in recreation, music, arts. Partners will be those already committed to advancing educational opportunities for children in their communities, e.g. pioneers of social clubs or after school learning activities for the kids. May include activities in sports, building athletes, literary competitions.

Working with Companies

B.A.F supports students through the start of their professional career as interns, to give students the ability to learn and gain experience.

Prior to placement for work experience or internship, students complete a rigorous training program on work ethics in a workplace. The companies in turn benefit from a contribution to the community, meet employee needs and gain possible future employees. For your company’s participation in the work placement programs contact us at

Working with Churches

Our founders come from an ancestral lineage of ancestors rooted in their service to education and service to God. While this work is founded based on fulfilling God’s purpose, we also continue in the work and foundation laid by those before us. We there see it fit to give a percentage of our non-monetary and monetary donations to the church.

B.A.F sees the church as a provider of a holistic service and a platform to draw on for guidance for making positive choices in all aspects of their lives.