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STREAM is everywhere and should be a journey through all grade levels that starts early and continues as a skill for life.

We have researched and packaged over 10,000 activities to foster young innovators and investors, with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. All you need to do is subscribe for electronic 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Our boxed activities come with materials and in-person guidance. On demand.  

At Bridge Africa Foundation, our mission includes promoting STREAM as a whole, this means Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and design, and Math. Reading is the key that holds all activities together. We have created a separate tab for Our Read to Achieve activities. Children will have access to on line reading clubs, with activities  


Boxed activities are also available with in person instructors, on demand.

Ages 4-9

Panda Crate

Explore & Discover

Ages 9-11

Koala Crate

Play & Learn

Ages 11-15

Kiwi Crate

Science, Art & More

Ages 15+

Atlast Crate

Geography & Culture