Working to ensure African children benefit from a good quality social and academic education

Our Goal

Redistribution of wealth and knowledge to support quality learning curriculums, and as a knowledge center for teachers and school leaders

Our Focus

Our key initiatives support access to reading through new or used books, writing, and creative learning in arts, music, STEM, non vocational resources and social and emotional learning.


Be a part of the solution. Share as little as 30 minutes, in the year. Join our “All hands on Deck” program to be a reading warrior’s’ buddy; Provide a home away from home, in our “Children’s Village” program; or contribute less than $2 per month for “Back to School supplies or our school restore programs”.

Collaborative Partners

We are humbled to partner with educational organizations, other foundations who already provide for initiatives we focus on, either only in the US or in Africa or both, and companies who wish to partner with our cause or provide work experience or internships for our trained students.

Bridge Africa Foundation works to promote quality academic and social education for African children. We do this through educational programs and collaborations with organizations who advance educational learning and well-being for children and opportunities for youths

We stand true in the saying that “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” – Marcel Proust. We therefore work as collaborators with existing organization to advocate and support their goal of long term sustainability for children’s education.

Bridge Africa Foundation believes in the power of education to secure a better future for Africa. Education is a one shot, if not done properly then as a society it will result in a lot of dysfunctional families, and there will be no innovative leaders that will drive our stability in the political arena, and our infrastructure.

Advocating program initiatives for:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Non-vocational Skills Programs
    • STEM/innovation programs
    • Arts and Music
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • Work Experience Programs
    • Professional Development for School Leadership and Teachers
    • School Facilities Restore Program

Facebook News & Updates

Tenderfeet School, first and foremost recognizes the importance of free school meals for children from less privileged backgrounds who cannot always afford to have at least one substantive meal a day. Tenderfeet provides transportation to get the kids from poor areas to school and also provides that one substantive meal a day. Bridge Africa Foundation, rose to their requests to contribute much needed food supplies, and allow their funds to go further in providing quality education. It is the start of an exciting partnership for a well-organized school by Margaret Nyabuto. ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday June 10th, 2021  ·  

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We are so excited at Bridge Africa Foundation as we continue to impact education, under our 20 for 2020 partners, as St Joseph's Mixes Academy in Kenya receives its mandated book supplies. ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday June 10th, 2021  ·  

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We would like to welcome some of our Nairobi, Kenyan collaborations. HAVILAH SCHOOL, ST JOSEPH MIXED ACADEMY, TENDERFEET. SCHOOL. Havilah's founder Domitila, has 300 children under her care, and so does Margaret Nyabuto who runs Tenderfeet school, , both organizations are based in Nairobi Kenya.St Josephs is run by Joseph Ayieka, belowWe partnered with Havilah and Tenderfeet to support her quest to help the most vulnerable children in the slums and to empower them in many ways to break the circle of poverty in the slums. We are hoping by initially helping with school meals it will free up funding for other school matters.When we talked to a majority of schools in East Africa we learn about the CBC new curriculum, requiring a change in text books as mandated by the government. Bridge Africa Foundation is helping where we can to acquire these books and to provide our reading books with discussions sheets, for building reading and writing literacy. With more funding available to Bridge Africa, we would go further, to ensure at least these dedicated schools like Havilah, Tenderfeet, and St Josephs Mixed Academy, have all the books they need. We know for sure a lack of resource should not hinder our African children and, and for us at Bridge Africa, we will do what we can. Picture 1 - Havilah School Picture 2 - Tenderfeet Picture 3 - St Joseph Mixed Academy ... See MoreSee Less

Friday May 7th, 2021  ·  

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Bridge Africa Foundation's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

Friday May 7th, 2021  ·  

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Our Educational Programs

Writing Competition

Schools may enroll 5-10 candidates - open to 31st April 2021

Enter a Writing competition to compete with other African schools or colleges.
Your story, “ THE FUTURE AS I SEE IT”. This story may be about yourself, your country, a place, or thing. You will compete, as a child in an African School/College, with a child from another African country.

Get your school/College on board, to enroll at This competition is only open to ages 12 to 18 years through their school or with permission from an adult parent, for children under 16 years.
Win a Notepad,(1st Price); Trainers (2nd place; or School Supplies (3rd place).

Advancing our Philanthropy

Our mission is to work with existing organizations impacting children’s education in Africa.

Our approach is to help develop shared experiences and untapped capacity for the advancement of social and emotional learning, and the arts, music, innovative sciences, and non vocational learning.

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