Advocating quality
in education for
African children

Making quality education a priority by delivering tools to support learning curriculums.

Channeling and redistributing a wealth of resources, tools and knowledge to make quality in education a priority, by closing the opportunity gap.

Quality academic and social education for African children

Bridge Africa Foundation works to promote quality academic and social education for Africa children and youths. We achieve success through educational programs in collaboration with established partners who advance educational learning.

What we do

Channeling and sharing a wealth of resources and knowledge with our network

Main Focus

Back to school supplies, STEM and Art activities, sports, and social emotional learning of the whole child.

Join Our Team

Become a volunteer to make a difference or be a part of the solution by sharing as little as 30 minutes. Join one of our “All hands on deck” programs.

Collaborative Partners

We welcome educational organizations whose work impacts children and youths

boy reading on

Interest in the wellbeing of each African child

Bridge Africa Foundation works to promote quality academic and social education for African children between the ages of 4 to 21 years. This is done through educational programs, collaboration and investment in organizations that advance educational learning, and direct interest in the wellbeing of individual children with skill and purpose.

Passion is what drives us

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" – Marcel Proust

We support established and existing organizations through new eyes.

Our Mission

Assisting organizations that improve quality educational learning

Our approach is to help develop shared experiences and untapped capacity for the advancement of social and emotional learning in arts and music, innovative sciences, and nonvocational learning. We believe access to education is key, but access to quality education is golden. We believe quality allows for enriched learning.We believe a standard should be set for quality in the social and academic development of a child.

We believe access to education is key, but access to quality education is golden

Recents stories and developments....

Learning Spaces Outreach

BAF launches Learning Spaces as part of our initiative/push to support and engage students in Africa directly, and sharpen skills to compete globally, as a part of tomorrow’s workforce.

Learning Spaces can be during schools hours, but our focus is for Afterschool hours.

We welcome those who have spaces, and ability to run their programs using our channeled STREAM and SEL activities. Schools can subscribe to reading and STEM activities for their learning spaces.

Learning Spaces makes learning exciting, and in some cases, encourage students to go back to school, or act as a support for children who fall behind, to stay ahead.

7th of February, 2022

1st February, 2022

                                       Our STREAM program

We are moving forward with our mission to enrich quality in learning through our very own STREAM programs. On the 20th of May this year, we will begin our summit series and discussions on every letter in STREAM, starting with “S” for science, and how this is crucial in enriching learning in our schools and coleges in Africa.

When you talk about sustainability of quality in learning, it incorporates the ability to stretch the mind of the child or youth , and allow them to get to a good place to make an informed decision, and a career choice for the future. This career choice will no doubt shape the African economy.  Enrichment of learning through STREAM, means students are better informed before making career choices, that can make an economy more successful. 

                                  Our Reading Programs 

Our Reading buddy program continues through 2023. BAF leads e-meet lessons with reading books to develop vocabulary, writing and spelling skills in children. Once a month, at least we will engage schools and have a direct engagement with children to develop our main goal of boosting quality education. Bridge Africa’s mission makes it unique because of our hands on approach in developing quality education. We want to impact kids with materials that will give them a quality meaningful education.

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