Our Partners

  • Etiquette Children’s Organisation – Facebook
  • Apai Primary School
  • Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project – Website
  • Children 4 Tomorrow
  • Women’s Relief Organisation WRO – Website
  • Child Survival Aid Ghana – Website
  • Tanzania Community Care
  • Mount Bethel School
  • Margaret Peggy Christian Academy

Contact us at [email protected] to become a Partner to participate in our educational programs with other organizations, (there is no charge involved).

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Become a Partner

We call on educational partners to join us and have their educators benefit from opportunities within our network, which includes, knowledge sharing, participation in educational programs, training, and alumni networking events.
Our knowledge base, growing network and access to resources, and cutting-edge research can give your organization a real competitive advantage.

You will discover that our focus is practical, rooted in reality, with an entrepreneurial advantage. Our programs can help you affect change, improve efficiency and effectiveness and drive enhanced results.