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Reading Programs

If a child cannot read properly at the age of four, this may have deleterious consequences on his/her development. B.A.F wants to make reading a joy and not a chore.

This can happen through books, online reading, and tutoring, (if needed), at the earliest age this can occur.

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We want to partner with leading libraries and welcome donation of books for our exchange pool. Our pool is to be set up with our partner schools in differing locations and regions.

We boost access to reading of books through our libraries, online reading, and one-on-one reading mentor/support through our, “All Hands On Deck Programs”, where you can choose to have an adult or older child read with you.

After School Programs

Finding solutions to improve learning and providing opportunities for growth, learning, and fun.

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We Develop Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills

The Foundation of learning is social and emotional learning in schools. Without a healthy social emotional environment the academic learning will be slow. For instance, connecting, and youth voice is very important. SEL teaches a two way connection with the teacher and with the students. Students gain skills on decision making, setting goals and achieving it, and other real world skills. We join forces with families and educators to help students learn to navigate complex personal relationships, work effectively in groups and draw from the talents of others.

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Summer Camps

B.A.F provides access to schools to camp programs. Support is given to families of low means and discount is based on income. Admission is based on school performance, and credits are earned for achievement in school, including behavior in teamwork and relationships with others.

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Science & Innovation For Ages 13+

Our Science Tech Program will encourage students to explore principles of electronics, design and engineering as they learn the workings and repair of, for example, equipment, electronics, generators, bicycles and other types of wheeled machines with guidance.

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Learning Programs For 4 To 9 Years

We help provide tools and, added curriculum by making accessible up-to-date learning and innovative tools for the five ways of learning for 4-year-old early starters, and those older. These include play, cognitive interaction and teamwork.

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Creative Learning In Arts & Music

We work with schools to help build and support children with talent in creative arts and music. We include children with learning difficulties as the use art and music enhances creativity and self-expression.

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Non-vocational Skills Programs

We give access to learning in carpentry, plumbing, landscaping/gardening, etc., and build on innovative ideas to achieve a high standard so that we can compete in the global market.

Where possible, we work with passionate youths on the basics they may need to start their first business.

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Work Experience 14+ Years

B.A.F works with teenagers (from 14 years and college students) to build their office skills through exposure to real working life scenarios prior to exposing them to office environments.

Our “All Hands-on Deck” Programs

This is our all-inclusive program with an open invitation for direct or remote involvement from members of the public with a passion for Africa.

People who see the need for change in African education, and want to join in reaching out to these children can do so remotely or in person.  Be a mover and a shaker in a small or big way, by:

  • Be a Reading buddy:  Devote 20 minutes to 1 hour a month listening to, or reading with a child by telephone, audio, or video call to build children’s confidence and reading skills;
  • Be a Mentor – Share your interests. Lend a hand by engaging with other children by phone, or email to motivate inquisitive minds through your stories e.g. your interest in a musical instrument and why, how you chose your career? What college is like, how to sit for exams? Some of your stories can be pre-recorded if you prefer;
  • Reading Buddies and Mentors are subject to background checks, and references. The programs involving interactions on the phone and in-person are conducted in the presence of another adult or parent.
  • Submitting your innovative ideas or suggestions, or how you can help by e-mail to [email protected]
Participating Remotely

We welcome your participation, as older children or responsible adults with a passion to help others and to share your knowledge, and interests which are at the level of our students by joining our ‘All Hands-on Deck’ program.

This means, whether you can give of your time, physically or not, we value you, we value your opinion. For example, some of our older children from United Kingdom and the U.S.A have been able to provide motivating speeches on various topics like hobbies, school work, their favorite musical instrument and why, their career aspirations, dreams and experiences to children in Africa.

We know by working together, we can build a strong cultural heritage, and a better Africa.

Contact us to join our “All Hands-On Deck Program” by e-mail [email protected].

For those who can commit 20 minutes over a period longer than 6 months, we encourage you to register as “My Bridge brother/ My Bridge sister”. These are mentors whose involvement will not only shape the lives of the children they interact with, but they will benefit by seeing the changes they make — the impact they will have on the children’s future.

(Please note we are obliged to monitor calls/e-mails. These are taken with parental guidance and involvement).

Support For Professional Development For School Leadership And Teachers

Teachers are the life plug of learning. B.A.F’s involvement here is to boost investment for professional development for quality teachers, and a culture of shared learning with other schools, and ultimately to contribute to the improvement of educational learning.

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Children’s Family Support Village

Calling on families who can provide support to African students and their friends, away from home, in boarding schools, college or our summer camp programs or other events and exchange programs. We can offer some stipend to those families who want to participate but cannot otherwise make ends meet with the financial demands of an additional child.

School Equipment Replenishment Programs

Working with alumni and the community on the restoration of some school equipment and tools. This can include science laboratory equipment, computer upgrades, or replenish promoting school leisure or music facilities.

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Working to ensure African children benefit from a good quality social and academic education.

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