How We Work

How we work

Our Approach

We support educational learning in 3 ways.

This includes, educational and other non-profits, foundations or community leads who provide a form of learning for children. We advocate for financial and non-financial support for education and, invest in professional development and innovative tools for teachers to improve and develop their skills.

Available to our Collaborative Partners and individual students. We look for practical ways to work with establishments and network with them, so teachers and Principals can have access to a knowledge center.

Kids will naturally have access to learning programs through their schools, or by submitting direct applications to join events and available programs. By working together, we aim to minimize duplication of resources, share a synergy of knowledge, and boost expert skills. Programs includes, summer schools, sports, and events to promote arts, reading, science and other innovation programs and educational contests. We believe we will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load. (See Our Programs section for more information). We also embrace opportunities to involve local communities and their leaders, so young people can connect, and be actively involved in writing the next chapters of their community’s future.

We welcome highly driven scholars, or prospective young and innovative entrepreneurs, with a passion to succeed, and go beyond their comfort zone.

Scholarships: On occasions, we consider applications for support or subsidized fees for vocational or non-vocational learning. We welcome promising students with a vision and ability that would otherwise be thwarted, without intervention. Our assistance  includes channeling students to schools in our network that can meet their needs. Any support we give is with the understanding that any educational learning or skill received is re-invested in Africa in the long term.

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why us

Why Bridge Africa Foundation

Bridge Africa Foundation (B.A.F) believes in the power of education to secure a better future for Africa. Education is a one shot, if not done properly, will result in a shortage skilled innovative leaders to lead, our infrastructure and drive our economic and political stability.

Africa has a strong cultural belief in education, and a has seen a surge in new schools. Educators of both new and older schools, share the understanding that, access to education gives a child a shot and an opportunity in life. Some of these schools, re-investment their funds in the effort to sustain a quality standard of education in their curriculum, in spite of the increasing challenge of getting access to quality teaching resources and tools or continuous development training. For the best of their resources. At B.A.F, we would be humbled to support those establishment or schools in their business of education, by giving direction to teaching tools and continuous training for teachers and educational leaders. We share the goal of attaining a sustainable quality of education for children.

“The concept is always true, that you cannot withhold a dream from a child, but you can equip them to attain and do well by that dream, whether it be as tomorrow’s President. That is the audacity of hope.”

Barack Obama


Our Purpose

At the heart of our existence is our God given purpose which drives us. Put simply:

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Our Vision

Our vision is for one in thirty children, to become well-equipped with leadership skills by 2030. Children should be armed with the right social skills – through programs e.g. exposure to differing environments nationally / internationally, competitive games or vacationing with others, etc.– these children, will have developed the right critical thinking skills, required to sustain a stronger economy that will benefit generations to come.

By 2030, we want to come together as Africans to celebrate the significant improvement in education, (at an affordable cost), for all children in Africa.

Working With Families
We work alongside families as friends of BAF, and welcome them...
Working With Entrepreneurs
BAF works to enhance entrepreneurship for the good ...
Working With Governments
African countries, and true for some West African countries (like Nigeria or Ghana)...

Working to ensure African children benefit from a good quality social and academic education.