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Better future for Africa

Why Bridge Africa Foundation

Bridge Africa Foundation (B.A.F) believes in the power of education to secure a better future for Africa. Education is a one shot, if not done properly, will result in a shortage skilled innovative leaders to lead, our infrastructure and drive our economic and political stability.

Africa has a strong cultural belief in education, and a has seen a surge in new schools. Educators of both new and older schools, share the understanding that, access to education gives a child a shot and an opportunity in life. Some of these schools, re-investment their funds in the effort to sustain a quality standard of education in their curriculum, in spite of the increasing challenge of getting access to quality teaching resources and tools or continuous development training. For the best of their resources. At B.A.F, we would be humbled to support those establishment or schools in the business of education, by giving direction to teaching tools and continuous training for teachers and educational leaders. We share the goal of attaining a sustainable quality of education for children.

Empowering African children with quality education

Our Goals

We are passionate in supporting actions, which secure, a better future for the children of the next generation in Africa. At the heart of it all is our goal:

elementary school pupils
Passion is what drives us

We are humbled to assist organizations working hard to improve quality educational learning and to support their goals of improving our schools

Quality in education

Our Beliefs

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Passion is what drives us

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration with those already committed to the business of improving children’s educational learning and well-being

Quality Education

Our Definition of Quality Education

Education is about learning, and quality education promotes learning. If there is no learning, then there is no education being achieved. There is a difference between movement and progress in education. Quality education seeks progress in a child. It stimulates the diverse parts of a child and, does more than just steering a child to conform. A quality education engages a child and recognizes as key, the arts, social interactions, humanities, physical education, and other talents of the child that enhance self-expression, confidence, and awareness of other people.


Children prosper best with a broad curriculum that recognizes their various talents and creativity that will otherwise remain dormant. A child who is learning, becomes very well engaged, and is able to grasp his/her surroundings and navigate through social interactions more appropriately. This enables him/her to rise up to the challenges for entering adulthood. After all, a well-rounded child can only tap on his or her reservoir of knowledge for use in any future decision-making.

B.A.F does not see excelling academics as the only measure or goal to be achieved. A child can have the best grades, but may lack the ability to successfully deal with life’s challenges or relate or work with others, especially where the best grades have been achieved through testing only. Studies show that IQ is not the key difference between academically smart, and not so smart children. Some not so academically smart children, have a very high IQ.

B.A.F, through their “Educational Programs”, work with educators in their work of, inspiring children to use their innate creativity, working on their abilities to bring about positive change when thrown in a different environment, or with others from a diverse background. Cultural diversity creates a wealth of knowledge, and is another step towards our vision of a successful Africa.

Passion is what drives us

Quality social education allows for social interaction, awareness of other people, self-expression, and confidence building

CEO’s grandfather, (Bishop Richard Oyebode) meets with the Head of the Church of England, Queen Elizabeth II, by whom he was ordained. He was formidable in establishing many church schools in the 60’s.

A Brief History

The current board members, as philanthropists, are from humble backgrounds with parents and grandparents, who have devoted their lives to the church; to the education of children, and to businesses that have served the community and provided work experience and internship opportunities for young adults. They spent most of their lives giving back to West Africa, having received an education and training from West Africa and England. The Board’s devotion to philanthropy is in continuation of their work, and in commemoration of their memory and zeal for helping others.

Continuing the dedication of the Sowunmi’s in education. Late Professor Sowunmi, Professor of Math for college youth, and Late Mrs Ajayi, his sister, dedicated to college youth as an advanced lecturer in creative theater, arts, and drama.

Meet our people
Our Team

Kemi Domingo

Executive Director / CEO

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Dayo Sowunmi

Board Member
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Dupe Osomo

Board Member

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Folake Salami

Regional Director (Nigeria)

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Myles Graber

Research and Development Manager (USA)

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Chioma Chukwuma


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Gilbert Okenye

Senior Financial Development Manager (Kenya)

Oliver Nwofia


Tamira Samuel

Advisory Consultant (USA)

Monica Mitchell

Reading Engagement Lead (USA)

Sola Davies


Gbenga Oluwatokun


Priscilla Anumah