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Back to school supplies.

Its a new session students and pupils are returning back to school. Supplies like books, pen, pencils, school uniform and many more supplies are needed by student and pupils to aid the new session learning activities. We have over 10 schools all over Africa with over 50000 students. Your donations from the past years has done a wide smile on our pupils and students faces. We continue to appreciate all your donations. Our objective remains to support Education in Africa.

Books donated to welicar school. Bridge Africa really made marks in many africa school, we step out from our comfort zone to put smiles on the faces of our pupils. I remember how happy welicar pupils were when they received these books. with your help we can do more to make more smiling faces, we can build an rock that Africa schools can always rely on. We are best in what we do and we believe we can do better even with more funds.


Our reading programs

BAF want the best for her pupils, thats why we try all possible ways to get them textbooks and workbooks to aid their vocabulary and attitude to learn. We buy licenses for Africa schools to be able to access our downloaded and printable books. These books includes lessons in maths, science, english vocabulary and writing. A school of 300 pupils and students would require about $500 to fund for the books licenses without sharing. We have about 10 schools with over 50,000 children all over Africa. We appreciate all your donations, we can do more with more funds.

Help a child learn english and maths. Make a child happy today!!!

Computers and Solar electricity projects

Computers are now the world ultimate devices, in many developed countries most people can’t do without a computer but unfortunately in this modern computer age many schools in Africa don’t have access to a computer or internet which has lead to a poor economy. We then intend to install computers in our schools to aid education and advance learning among students. Also a good electricity supply is needed to power the computers which is very scarce in some Africa countries that’s why we intend to install solar panels and inverters along with the computers. We appreciate your donations. Be a part of the Family.


Musical Instruments

Music is known as an emotional language that speaks directly to the soul or mind. Musical instruments aids music to sound better. Music is accepted in every part of the world and its widely used across the world for entertainment or celebrations. Learning musical instruments helps in sensory development in kids and also helps the musically talented ones get to discover and explore their talents. Bridge Africa has partnered with a music lesson cooperation to provide music lesson sections for our schools.

We are urgently looking to provide musical instruments used or new for our students. We have calculated a sum of $5000 to help start this project, we hope to raise funds before the year runs out. We appreciate all your donations.

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